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Lumino Diatomaceous Earth for People and Pets

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) for Pets and People from Lumino is an extremely versatile USDA Food Grade product for deodorizing pet areas, garbage cans, frig and more! Plus it can be used for polishing silver, as a facial mask and for vigorous tooth polishing.

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For Pets:

  • Mix a handful of DE with kitty litter. Deodorizes and absorbs moisture. DE is odorless so it will not deter cats from using the box
  • Lightly dust pet bedding. DE will absorb oils, dirt and smells. Keeps kennel areas dry and odor free.
  • Lumino DE is neutral tasting and has been added to both agricultural and human grains to keep them dry and prevent disintegration.
  • Backyard chickens love DE. It keeps their coops cleaner, drier and odor free.

For People:

  • Use as a natural deodorizer for garbage cans, vacuum cleaner bags and refrigerator
  • Polish silver and jewelry by mixing DE in water to form a paste. Apply, then remove with a dry cloth
  • For a facial mask, mix DE with water or oil to make a paste. Apply in a circular motion. Leave on for five minutes, then wash off with warm water.
  • Sprinkle a small amount of DE on toothpaste for a vigorous tooth polishing.