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We are now a Weathertech distributor!! If you want high performance protection for your vehicle, let us order your floor mats, liners, mud flaps, etc.!

  • Manufacturer: Spectrum Brands

3 LEDs, 20 lumens. Battery run time: 150 hours on Rayovac alkaline batteries, 55 hours on Rayovac® Heavy Duty batteries. Tough polypropylene body. Impact resistant to 7 feet. Water, grease and corrosion resistant.

  • Manufacturer: Noble Industries, Inc.

Hot pink and black manure fork. Co-polymer plastic resin tines provide maximum durability. Lightweight aircraft grade aluminum handle. Heavy-duty I-Beam rail and tine construction. C-Clip secures tines to rails. Outer tines form a basket for maximum use. Interchangeable tines available in multiple colors for customization. All Wave Forks™ are backed with a 5 year warranty.

  • Manufacturer: Dare Fencing Products
  • Model Number: 2290

Specially hardened jaws designed to cut 12 1/2 ga. high tensile wire. Pocket size - 9" overall length.

  • Model Number: 94714

2 in. x 50 yd. This all-purpose duct tape has thousands of uses around the workshop, at the jobsite and in the home. This polyethylene backed, rubber base adhesive duct tape is great for quick and easy repairs, labeling, sticking items together and sealing. Resistant to water and abrasions, this general-purpose duct tape is a great addition to any home, shop, office or garage.

Shur-Hook hay hook points are made with a patented cold forged process, giving it superior strength and durability. Handles are made from hardwood, stained and sealed with square through holes to prevent turning.  Available in sizes from 7" to 18" long.  Guaranteed for life against failure on all metal parts.

Our Slow Feeder Saver is designed to give Equine the healthiest and most natural eating experience possible regardless of them being stalled or stabled. The small grate holes prevent horses from wasting feed by consuming it to quickly or spreading it out on the ground by forcing them to take small bites.

  • Manufacturer: Dare Fencing Products
  • Model Number: 2400

Ideal for temporary electric fencing such as controlled grazing/pasture management. Lightweight, self-insulating, and convenient to use. Strong H section post molded of UV resistant polypropylene. Eight wire holders for steel wire, poly wire and poly tape up to 1 1/2" wide. Spaced 6" to 37" from ground up. Sharp metal spike end of post easily stepped into hard ground. Specifications: 48" long. Packed 50 to retail store display carton. Can be shipped via UPS. Individually bar-coded. Specify black, white, orange or yellow.

Baker's Heavy Duty Yard Hydrant is ruggedly-designed to supply year-round running water for heavy-duty agricultural, stock watering, fire protection, and domestic applications - even in sub zero weather!

Ideal tool for gripping, stretching and tightening any type of wire, SpeeCo's fence wire stretcher, makes repairing or splicing barbed, high tensile or smooth wire an easy task. Heavy duty design with strong "hooks" securely holds wire in place while splicing or repairing. Comes with large tube handle and rubber grip for easy and comfortable use.

Temporary farm and paddock fencing for cattle, livestock and hog confinement. Resistant to cattle impacts. Price competitive. Adaptable to other panel sizes, surfaces and terrains. Easy to install. Long lasting. Meets ASTM-A-641.

  • Manufacturer: Parmak
  • Model Number: Mark 8

110-120 volt - AC Operated. The all new Parkmak Precision Mark 8, is a low impedance fencer that gives you the stock holding power that you have always wanted. Shocks right through wet weeds or brush and over extremely dry ground. Features Parmak's exclusive built-in DIGITAL performance meter that tells you the exact condition of the fence. Takes the guesswork out of electric fencing. 100% solid state, with all new low impedance, uni-junction circuitry.

  • SKU: 100052674
  • Model Number: 337

200 ft. Green jute twine used for fastening new growth to plant stakes.

This convenient 4 gallon Hott Wash water heater is perfect for the horse or dog owner on the go. Attach an ordinary garden-hose, a hot water hose, plug the Hott Wash in and you’re done! New titanium tank and heavy duty commercial thermostat control with safety switches for added protection. The Hott Wash is great for barn and shows. Your horse and dog will thank you for it!

  • Manufacturer: Behlen Manufacturing Building Systems

Designed by horsemen with animal safety and protection as a primary objective. Sturdy all-welded construction features rolled steel end and non-toxic weather resistant paint. All-rounded construction eliminates sharp corners and rough edges that could injure, cut and scar the shoulder area. No protruding mechanisms to cause eye or dead injuries. Provide nearly 100% hay clean-up.

Added comfort and room for your pet with this large heavy duty kennel.

The post driver can drive posts up to 1-3/4″ in diameter using only 2 CFM of oiled air at 80-90 PSI. To use the driver, connect your air hose to the air port in the handle and place the driver over the post. Hold onto the driver with both hands and lift the black handle which lifts the internal weight. Then pull down on the driver with both hands to drop the weight. The driver can produce up to 60 drives a minute.

  • Model Number: FM200

This product is special order. Please contact us to discuss ordering.

Mighty Mule® are sold as DIY, “Do-It-Yourself" Kits that include everything you will need for a standard gate opener installation. A Mighty Mule® gate opener is designed to be easy to install with no electrician or welding required. Included in the gate opener kit are: the installation DVD, instruction manual and access to our trouble-shooting wizard that is conveniently available 24 hours a day - 7 days a week.

These 12' economy 5 rail panels are lightweight and easy to move, yet constructed to last.  Butterfly clamps included.

  • Manufacturer: Allied Precision
  • Model Number: 7521

This De-icer is designed to float in the water tank and is thermostatically controlled with an automatic shut-off. The Styrofoam float is completely enclosed within a rugged plastic housing. The cord exits from the top of the unit. This gives the heater added stability and it is less likely to tip the tank. Patented.

For use on surfaces, containers, troughs. The ingredients in purishield stall work synergistically to kill viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Purishield stall is biodegradable and safe for use in stalls, dairy parlors, veterinary clinics, kennels, and pet housing. Safe for all animals.

Do you have to wash your horse in the dead of winter for a show?  This portable hot water unit hooks to your hose or sink and supplies a warm water bath!

  • Manufacturer: Seymour

The Seymour weed cutter is your choice for maintaining weeds and tall grasses by hand. Its sharp, 14-inch, serrated double-sided blade will quickly take care of those weeds with a strong sweeping motion. Its 30-inch handle and light weight make the work a little easier on your back.

If you have iron in your water, call Dave at 360-359-1016 to talk about how a water softener system can improve your water quality.  Now selling softeners, pressure tanks, well supplies.  Also pump repair!!